We are the Micheletti sisters. We are citizens of the world but proudly Corsican by name and heart.

Our label (and life) motto is simple but strong: BE BOLD, BE BRAVE & CARPE DIEM!

We create limited edition summer dresses and vibrant cover-ups. We are eclectic, nomadic and cosmopolitan. We don’t follow trends or seasons. We value femininity and individuality. Our designs are unpretentious, for diverse and independent woman who value style as much as comfort. We celebrate real women’s ‘perfect imperfections’ with loose cuts and oversized styles; our designs harmonise women of all shapes, cultures, sizes and ages.

We love:

  • Unique, luxurious, sumptuous textiles
  • Bold, bright patterns and prints
  • Colourful, brave, fun and effortless fashion and styles
  • Life, travel, family, food, love, laughter, kindness and generosity

Micheletti garments are hand-crafted in the UAE and produced in either unique versions or up to maximum 20 pieces per style.

The Micheletti team are staunch advocates of fair trade and treatment for all parties involved in our boutique fashion business; we only work with small suppliers and artisans.

The Micheletti network spans the globe with a HQ in the UAE and niche distribution points in France, Miami, Mexico, Hong Kong, Managua, Italy, Bali and Australia.